• Montagu's

    Crémant Bar
    The exciting flavours of French Sparkling Wine.
    Providing a unique experience for your guests!
  • Montagu's

    Cremant Bar
    The exciting flavours of French Sparkling Wine.
    Providing a unique experience for your guests!

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Crémant is an elegant sparkling wine produced using the same traditional double fermentation method as Champagne. French sparkling wines are produced in different protected regions (AOP) and each region will give you exciting variations in taste from complex, nutty, gently honeyed aromas found in Bordeaux crémants to light, delicate fruits of Crémant de Limoux. There are many grape variations, colours and blends giving each Crémant its unique style and character. Sparkling wines are the perfect wines for joyful moments and are also an elegant partner for a celebration cocktail.

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Why Montagu's?

Bubbles really are a symbol of celebration so why not celebrate with us and share your special occasion with our high-end vintage Rice Beaufort mobile bar. Beautifully restored and fully equipped, adding the perfect mix of charm and sophistication to your event. Start with an elegant glass of Crémant or a sparkling cocktail perfect for weddings, parties and events. Our speciality is giving you a unique experience.

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All the Crémants we offer are produced in AOP areas and therefore have the mark of outstanding quality and consistency. Only the finest grapes are selected from the region that they are grown in. Each of the seven AOP regions are protected and labelled for you to savour and to distinguish between the unique regional characteristics of each Crémant.

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If this all leaves you wondering where to start, just remember that sparkling wine is central to the French way of life. Nobody needs any excuse to pop a cork or two! Begin by getting in touch to learn more and discuss your requirements.